Analyze your FAQ like a Data Scientist

How your users interact with your FAQ tells you what critical questions your users have about your product.

What user driven FAQ data are you missing?

Core features

What data we track


Track your most popular and least popular questions to show the most relevant FAQs to your site visitors.

Text search

Evaluate user text search keywords to improve your FAQ by understanding what critical questions are missing.


Analyze helpfulness of questions and answers with simple inline thumbs up and down feedback surveys.


Assign value and concern based customer sentiment to questions, mapping emotion, thought, and opinions to FAQ interactions.

FaqTrack widget

Smart FAQ that tracks and analyzes every interaction

FaqTracks's smart widget tracks every FAQ click, feedback response, and search keywork to give you the insight you need into your FAQ. Use your FAQ data to better identify trends and customer concerns, add missing Q&A, and promote higher customer engagement with your website.


Getting started

How does it work


Create your FaqTrack widget

Design, style, customize, and configure your FAQ widget to look and feel native to your website.

Add 2 lines of code

Add a script tag to the head and an html tag where you want your FAQ to be displayed on your page.

Let the data flow

FaqTrack starts accumulating all FAQ interactions under a single easy to use and understand analytics dashboard.


Does your current FAQ help you answer these questions?


What are my most popular questions? How popular are they? What are my least popular questions? Can I safely remove some of my FAQ?. How should I order my FAQ?


Which questions are the most and least helpful? How can they be improved? Should I add a section to my website to better address this question?


What questions are visitor's searching for? What is my FAQ missing? What is my FAQ missing? How can I better assure my customers?


What attitude do my customers embody towards my product? What interests them? Are they skeptical? What information do they find important?

Launching May 2021 🚀

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